1970 Hamburg, Germany

German rough Translation: 

This show: Hello fans! You are there – longed for by millions of fans: Mick Jagger and his Rolling Stones. In Hamburg, they launched their tour of Germany. 5 years ago, chaos and destruction accompanied their way through German concert halls, which can lead them this time in the shields, the hardest rock musicians in the world?
In the port of Hamburg, they invited to the floating press party. Their children and girlfriends took the stones on the trip. Why are the young multi-millionaires yet? Their answer: “Out of fun, because we To want more money for political reasons.
Ernst-Merck-Halle, morning. The technical team of the band is preparing the event. The stage equipment weighs 64 tons: meter long light cannons and floor-high amp batteries intended to guarantee the total experience of rolling stones fans.
And then they came. 7,000 young hamburger partied with Mick Jagger and his Rolling Stones reunion. With “Brown Sugar”, Mick Jagger has intensified the dialogue with his fans. But the expected ruckus stayed out.
Restrained ecstasy, the intimate dialogue with the pop idols from London, has displaced the violent eruptions of the past. The stones are good or their fans have become more peaceful? This question remained open in Hamburg.

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