OOOH!-Book Update, Proof of Truth and 1969 ticket prices

I am currently formatting the Proof of Truth-The Appendices.  Not relying on memories or stories, I have the documents that tell the true tale and have them included in the Appendix. As an example: I am working on the 1969 US tour offers and noticed this one that discusses ticket prices from the local promoter.  The original proposal had ticket …

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Get Mean/Beat a Dead Horse– Reviews!!

After forty years, great reviews for Get Mean: “It’s a real labor of love for a jaw-dropping, wildly entertaining film that almost slipped through the cracks.”- Mondo Digital: “GET MEAN appears to be a forerunner to today’s stereotypical action film…” Dan Basile, Pop Kernal “..a fantastic interview with producer Ronald J. Schneider as he details the difficulties of …

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