R.I.P. Anita Pallenburg

We were in Gothenburg, Sweden at the Intercontinental Hotel. The tour promoter had gathered the local politicians and their entourage for a sit-down dinner with the Stones. We were at the far end of the table..on my left was Anita Pallenburg, Keith Richards and then about 10 ’others’, across from me was Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts, it was awhile before Mick Jagger got there. A waiter appeared and Anita whispered something to him–she had asked for the strongest alcohol that was traditional for the region–he appeared with a bottle of a clear liquid (probably like straight grain alcohol). Anita took a tall water glass and filled it from the bottle, then took the glass and chugged it. She next slammed the glass down in front of Keith, refilled it and said..”now prove to me you’re a man”..Keith chugged it as all us ’men’ did.

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