Out of Our Heads on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day for Rolling Stones and Beatles, fans.
I will have the Out of Our Heads, release and signing sometime in April / May in Los Angeles. But, I felt guilty making everyone wait so I have made it available on Amazon for shipping on Valentine’s Day, February 14.

Out of Our Heads!

The writing is done…
So much for the easy to market-ing…

December 6, 1969-Altamont

A side of the event not discussed… I hired Melvin Belli to sue Filmways for reneging on the deal.



OOOH!-Book Update, Proof of Truth and 1969 ticket prices

I am currently formatting the Proof of Truth-The Appendices.  Not relying on memories or stories, I have the documents that tell the true tale and have them included in the Appendix.

As an example: I am working on the 1969 US tour offers and noticed this one that discusses ticket prices from the local promoter.  The original proposal had ticket prices at $7 but suggested that the market could handle an $8 to $9 average ticket price.  Listening to the local promoters, I settled on $8.50 as a compromise. Note that they said average price:  The promoters wanted to go as high as $20 for front row seats and get an average of $9.  I set the maximum ticket price at $8.50.

Please be patient as I am doing everything myself, ( I did have editors and a proofreader) and now formatting in Adobe InDesign to go to the printer shortly… I wanted the fans to have the story from me, as opposed to what someone thinks I meant.





Flashback-5 years ago-BBC Radio 2 aired this Altamont Special

Shedding Hippie Blood Huey Morgan tells the story of the Rolling Stones’ 1969 Let It Bleed tour, a milestone in rock history that defined an era, and its tragic finale at the Altamont Speedway.

The band’s previous tours had been brief, incandescent sets played to mostly screaming teenage girls. But as the 60s grew to a close, the Stones’ music had evolved. They played longer sets, which charted their influences by including tracks by their blues heroes, and as Bill Wyman said; “for the first time the audiences were actually listening to what we playing”.

1969 was the year of the free rock festival. The Stones’ Hyde Park concert in London in July was followed a month later by Woodstock and, as their Let It Bleed tour rolled triumphantly across America, the Rolling Stones decided to end the decade with a massive free concert to thank their US fans for their continuing support.

The concert, held at Altamont Speedway in the scrublands of Northern California on 6th December, was meant to be the West Coast’s answer to Woodstock but the event turned out so differently, some believe it signalled the end of the peace and love era. It was badly organised, Hell’s Angels were providing security, and trouble started early on. Four people died including a young black man who was stabbed and kicked to death, at the front of the stage, as the Rolling Stones played Under My Thumb.

The programme features contributions from those who were on the road with the Stones on this groundbreaking tour including Mick Jagger’s personal assistant, Georgia Bergman; the tour’s business manager Ron Schneider; production manager Chip Monck; tour manager Sam Cutler; journalist Michael Lydon; photographer Ethan Russell; director Albert Maysles; and the Guardian’s Eamonn McCabe.

Shedding Hippie Blood provides a fascinating insight into what Rolling Stone magazine at the time called “the biggest rock tour music has seen”. It was a tour that defined an era with The Stones basically inventing stadium rock as their ground breaking journey unfolded. But it also represented the dark side that had emerged from a counterculture without control, conscience or conviction.

My Book

The book is almost done. I am going through the final editing and then on to design and the cover.  Those seeking the facts about the classic 1969 Rolling Stones tour and Gimme Shelter please hang on a little longer.  The myths will be dispelled with the facts. 

Don’t go towards the light –wait for the book!


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