Holiday Greetings? December 5,1965, Keith Richard*

At the end of the Rolling Stones 1965 tour, my first tour, on December 5th, 1965, Keith Richard* signed my tour book. *After the Rolling Stones signed to Decca Records in 1963 their band manager, Andrew Loog Oldham, dropped the s from Richards’ surname believing that “Keith Richard”, in his words, “looked more pop”. In the late 1970s Richards re-established the s in his surname

A living history chat

Harold Bronson, co founder of Rhino Entertainment, hosted a private, Out of Our Heads chat/Q&A, event at his home. I had a great time and have to thank Harold and Miss Glass, my honors English 9th grade teacher.  I was shy until she forced me to do a speech for extra credit at the Knights of Pythias Lodge in Miami. …