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November 7, 1969 Start of the Rolling Stones US Tour

November 6th, 1969 The crew leaves Los Angeles to Fort Collins, Colorado and so began the historic tour..                                      Nov.7 first date Denver, Colorado Call Sheet November 7 An historic…

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December 6, 1969 Scary!

You never know what tomorrow will bring. After fifty plus years I didn’t expect anything I hadn’t seen. And then at an Altamont anniversary event in Altamont, I was made…

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Sussing out the Con Man-John Ellsworth Jaymes

From the left, Dick Carter, Melvin Belli, Me, John Jaymes When the facts conflicted with the stories I was getting from John Jaymes, I decided to check them out.  John…

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An Honest Reporter-Al Aronowitz

In early January 1971, I flew to NYC from my home in North Miami Beach, Florida to go snow skiing at Hunter Mountain. While on the plane I got a…

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