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American Concert Association

After the 1970 Euro Tour, the wife, son and I moved to North Miami Beach, Florida. We were in Key Stone Point, FL, on the last island over the last bridge at the end of a cul de sac. I joked that I retired but I wanted the off time for the family.

A friend called me back to New Jersey. An attorney he knew wanted to set up a tour and wanted my advice. I was fresh off the dictates of the promoters that had control of the entertainment venues. The venues had the control, and then I thought of college football, baseball and basketball stadiums. The schools had gymnasiums, auditoriums and outdoor stadiums. Those would be perfect for all types of bands. I came up with the idea of having the schools join an association of tours.  We sent a booklet to about 1800 schools we got off a list. We followed up the booklet with a parchment paper sign up sheet. They join and donate their venues and we provide the entertainment and help students promote the shows. Within a week we had over a hundred schools sign up and were able to coordinate nationals tours. I insisted on doing the shows in Miami and Hollywood.


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