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It’s now fifty three years since the Rolling Stones performed at Altamont on December 6, 1969; three years since the fiftieth anniversary Washington Post article proved the Rolling Stones never hired the Hells Angels, and David Crosby’s video stating the Grateful Dead had the Hells Angels there, like all their west coast dates.

I wonder how many newspapers will still get it wrong?!

Now, for the above Ralph Gleason BS article: Understand the event was planned by the Grateful Dead personnel (ie: Rock Scully)..he told the Chronicle the truth, denying knowledge of the made up stuff, but they didn’t care about the truth. There was no film planned (I detail it in my book with the facts and documents) and the idea we were flying in the Woodstock security is a pipe dream (they must have been smoking something to make that up). All this, was made up to protect the west coast press and talent. It was easier to blame the Rolling Stones instead of the Grateful Dead, and the rest of the press bought it…can you tell I’m still bitter?


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