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50th Anniversary for Gimme Shelter, the film

Fifty years ago, Gimme Shelter, the film, was released. Usually this time of year I am posting how the Rolling Stones didn’t hire the Hell’s Angels but that was validated in last years Washington Post Altamont anniversary article. Now my next challenge–I read a lot of articles that allude to Gimme Shelter being a planned …

Half a Century later-1969 Rolling Stones US Tour

In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Rolling Stones 1969 US tour or as Rock critic Robert Christgau called it “history’s first mythic rock and roll tour”, while rock critic Dave Marsh would write that the tour was “part of rock and roll legend” and one of the “benchmarks of an era: I am selling, signing, and personalizing my book at http://outofourheadsthebook.com   *with a special …

November 28,1969

Ahh the times they are a changing.. $8.00 ticket for orchestra 5th row..:) Based on the following agreement, the Maysles filmed at the Garden –four songs for promoting the album.. there was no film in consideration at the time..