Flashback-5 years ago-BBC Radio 2 aired this Altamont Special

Shedding Hippie Blood Huey Morgan tells the story of the Rolling Stones’ 1969 Let It Bleed tour, a milestone in rock history that defined an era, and its tragic finale at the Altamont Speedway. The band’s previous tours had been brief, incandescent sets played to mostly screaming teenage girls. But as the 60s grew to a close, the Stones’ music …

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My Book

The book is almost done. I am going through the final editing and then on to design and the cover.  Those seeking the facts about the classic 1969 Rolling Stones tour and Gimme Shelter please hang on a little longer.  The myths will be dispelled with the facts.  Don’t go towards the light –wait for the book!  

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An Honest Reporter-Al Aronowitz

In early January 1971, I flew to NYC from my home in North Miami Beach, Florida to go snow skiing at Hunter Mountain. While on the plane I got a copy of the New York Post and saw an article by Al Aronowitz which was part of a series about Gimme Shelter. He was getting his info from John Jaymes. …

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