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Out of Our Heads on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day for Rolling Stones and Beatles, fans.
I will have the Out of Our Heads, release and signing sometime in April / May in Los Angeles. But, I felt guilty making everyone wait so I have made it available on Amazon for shipping on Valentine’s Day, February 14.

Gimme Shelter Q and A at Livermore screening..

Hi Fans…the quality isn’t good but the sound is still understandable and I hope it has info that you enjoy…this was recorded at Livermore during a screening of Gimme Shelter at the behest of the Livermore Heritage Guild

Out of Our Heads!

The writing is done…
So much for the easy to market-ing…

December 6, 1969-Altamont

A side of the event not discussed… I hired Melvin Belli to sue Filmways for reneging on the deal.



OOOH!-Book Update, Proof of Truth and 1969 ticket prices

I am currently formatting the Proof of Truth-The Appendices.  Not relying on memories or stories, I have the documents that tell the true tale and have them included in the Appendix.

As an example: I am working on the 1969 US tour offers and noticed this one that discusses ticket prices from the local promoter.  The original proposal had ticket prices at $7 but suggested that the market could handle an $8 to $9 average ticket price.  Listening to the local promoters, I settled on $8.50 as a compromise. Note that they said average price:  The promoters wanted to go as high as $20 for front row seats and get an average of $9.  I set the maximum ticket price at $8.50.

Please be patient as I am doing everything myself, ( I did have editors and a proofreader) and now formatting in Adobe InDesign to go to the printer shortly… I wanted the fans to have the story from me, as opposed to what someone thinks I meant.





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