A rare Charlie Watts outing

Charlie Watts comes out to play with Keith Richards and me. Handling the boredom on the road of planes, trains and limos with another form of travel-horseback. Photo by Gered Mankowitz This was one of the rare occasions when Charlie Watts wasn’t on the phone with his wife, Shirley and came out to play with …

OOOH is not my first book

For my seventh grade Basic Education class in West Miami Junior High, I authored, illustrated the cover and all the interior illustrations in my scholastic tome, Living Things.   In Out of Our Heads, I describe my amoeba science experiment, in Living Things, I draw and describe amoebas with my horrible handwriting.

Sharing My Grains of Sand

I was sitting at a table at Apple-George Harrison came over and said he wanted to show me something. He put a piece of paper in front of me and began to draw. He drew a wavy line across the middle of the landscape layout page and said, “Imagine this is the top of the …