After forty years, great reviews for Get Mean:

“It’s a real labor of love for a jaw-dropping, wildly entertaining film that almost slipped through the cracks.”- Mondo Digital:

“GET MEAN appears to be a forerunner to today’s stereotypical action film…” Dan Basile, Pop Kernal

“..a fantastic interview with producer Ronald J. Schneider as he details the difficulties of keeping the film funded and his history in the business.” Matthew Hartman, High-Def Digest

“Executive producer Ronald J. Schneider devotes most of his ten-minute interview to Get Mean‘s grueling financing: being encouraged to start shooting before all the money was in place, then fighting to rustle up enough cash to keep production going a few days at a time. It’s fascinating to hear more about the business side of independent filmmaking in the ’70s, not to mention Schneider’s start in the business under the legendary Allen Klein.!”

“GET MEAN so wholly and completely shatters Spaghetti western conventions that it really shouldn’t be saddled with that label at all. It’s fast, it’s frenetic, it’s entirely too much fun, and it’s defiantly unique. Blue Underground has done a phenomenal job rescuing GET MEAN from obscurity, lavishing it with an outstanding visual and aural presentation as well as piling on several hours of extras. If you’re willing to let the movie take you on this wildly imaginative ride, GET MEAN is a hell of a rewarding discovery on Blu-ray. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!Adam Tyner, DVD Talk

“GET MEAN is just one of those wild and fun movies that needs to be seen to be believed. What starts out as an honest-seeming western goes from 0 to 90 in about the first five minutes and never lets up on the gas. I had a blast with this one. Gather up some friends and you should have a pretty great time too. Blue Underground has brought GET MEAN to Blu-ray in fine form featuring a fantastic A/V presentation as well as a huge load of fun and informative extras. Considering the size of the smile on my face after seeing this one, I’m left to call it highly recommended!Matthew Hartman, High-Def Digest

“Just when you think that you have seen everything that could be seen from the Spaghetti western genre, along comes a film like GET MEAN that knocks you off your feet with its most unconventional take on this well traversed genre. Overall Blue Underground rescues a rarely seen Spaghetti western and give it an exceptional release, highly recommended!Michael Den Boer, 10K Bullets

“GET MEAN is not your typical western… Watching this film reminded me a little bit of the Tarantino-style western mixed with a little LONE WOLF AND CUB (the hero protecting an innocent) along with a grindhouse-style, completely off kilter vibe with some of the characters… The film looks and sounds better than ever… If you’re a spaghetti western fan then this is one you won’t want to miss!James Harland Lockhart V, Fulvue Drive-In

“An overall entertaining film… You can’t tell me ARMY OF DARKNESS didn’t get a bit of its tone from this one here. From the look to the way the lead acts, Sam Raimi had to love this one…This is THE release to get!Chuck Conry, Zombies Don’t Run

One of the damned craziest westerns I have ever watched… The vibe and tone of the movie brought to mind a mash-up of Raimi’s ARMY OF DARKNESS by way DJANGO, with a fun rogues gallery of evil-doers… Blue Underground have done a fine job of bringing this one to Blu-ray with a new HD transfer and loads of info-laden extras!”Ken Kastenhuber, cBastard’s Mausoleum

“The similarities to Sam Raimi’s ARMY OF DARKNESS are readily apparent if you’ve been forewarned (and now you have!). Both films suffer from a scattershot script that bounces from one desperate-to-entertain scene to the next. And while Tony Anthony doesn’t have the rubber-faced appeal of Bruce Campbell, he’s just enough of an odd duck to keep you interested in what he does next. Same goes for GET MEAN itself, which has to be the most unpredictable western of its era. And that’s kinda groovy!”Greg Walton, Movieline

“GET MEAN defies normal classification… This is like watchin’ the spaghetti western equivalent of ARMY OF DARKNESS (but made roughly 2 decades before). Ya got your greedy, smart mouthed hero takin’ on some Dark Ages style villains in a desert locale filled with castles. Throw in some slapstick, a strange trial of terror filled with laughing skeletons, and yeah, you can easily pick up what I’m layin’ down… This version put out by Blue Underground is both beautiful and packed fat with extras!Daniel Wilder, Famous Monsters of Filmland

“GET MEAN serves as a bizarre time traveling western where historical inaccuracies reign supreme and astounding production value meets shotgun blasting, sword wielding action… GET MEAN stands as one of Blue Underground’s crowning achievements!Mike Kenny, Mike’s Pop Culture Playhouse

“GET MEAN should be an essential pick-up… This full-blown restoration courtesy of Blue Underground is outstanding as it preserves a nutty, almost indescribable genre-bending mash-up from the tail end of the Spaghetti western era in all its 1080p (2.35) glory!”Andy Dursin, Film Score Monthly

“GET MEAN, Anthony’s last run as ‘The Stranger,’ is more of a bizarre adventure film with a cowboy in the lead than a traditional Spaghetti Western, so keep your expectations in check in that regard, but it is a whole lot of goofy fun regardless. Anthony is fun in the lead and Lorys sure is beautiful – if nothing else, the film is different! Blue Underground have rolled out the red carpet for this one, offering up the film in a nice HD presentation and with way more extras than anyone probably ever imagined!”Ian Jane, Rock! Shock! Pop!

“GET MEAN is a mid-1970s Western that realized the cinematic world was expanding. Facing the end of the Spaghetti Western, director Ferdinando Baldi just went for it. You want Vikings, Moors, barbarians, ghosts and a hunchback to fight a cowboy? Well, you got it. This film is the boner that the Internet never knew it had. The A/V Quality is stunning for this kind of release.I’d recommend a purchase!”Troy Anderson, Andersonvision

“GET MEAN isn’t only an oddity in the spaghetti western canon – it’s a rarity, too. The film has barely been seen in North America since its initial release. In fact, GET MEAN is about a half-step away from an honest to God ‘lost film,’ as I understand it, so this Blu-ray is definitely cause for celebration. Blue Underground has done a great job with this once semi-lost movie’s digital media debut!”Gabriel Powers, DVD Active

“Barely released in American theaters, GET MEAN returns in fine form from Blue Underground… It’s a real labor of love for a jaw-dropping, wildly entertaining film that almost slipped through the cracks!Nathaniel Thompson, Mondo Digital

“GET MEAN appears to be a forerunner to today’s stereotypical action film… As usual, Blue Underground hits it out of the park with another solid title added to the growing list of magnificent digital transfers, and arguably a long-lost treasure many people will probably be experiencing for the first time (myself included). If you haven’t seen it yet, I’d recommend doing so soon!Dan Basile, Pop Kernal

“Whoa. This one is a doozy. This is not your typical Spaghetti Western. I think it could have easily been a cult film or a midnight movie with its anachronisms and its ‘you never know what’s coming next’ screenplay. Blue Underground has done a great job presenting a film I’m willing to bet a number of you hadn’t heard of before!”Brad Hogue, EuroCult AV


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