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Here I am chatting with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards on our ship ride to Shea Stadium

We got off the boat and walked toward Shea Stadium where the Beatles were scheduled to appear. I remember Mick, Keith and Allen Klein our party. We had gotten to the Beatles dressing room entrance. It was packed, as would be expected, lots of well wishers, stars, and whomsoever just outside and inside their open dressing room door. There were a couple of security guards but they were surrounded by fans. Mick and Keith walked ahead and got into the jammed dressing room. I followed and used my, I may be innocuous looking but I seemed to know where I am going look and got passed the guard and into the dressing room. I heard Allen call out from behind me as the security guard stopped him. I turned around and instinctively called out and signaled to the guard “He’s with me”. The guard let Allen through and we all were in the Beatles dressing room ( we would laugh about my ‘he’s with me” many times later ).
We hung out for a bit in the crazy zoo that was the Shea Stadium dressing room of the Beatles. It was time for the Beatles to go on stage so we left and went to a location to the side of the stage. There were rows of people below us as we stood leaning against a large chain link fence to watch the show. The Beatles
mounted the stage and the sound coming from the audience was louder then the sound I heard with Hurricane King. You couldn’t hear a thing outside the roar of the crowd. You could only see that the Beatles were playing and singing, you couldn’t hear them. We stood there for a while longer, realized we wouldn’t be hearing any music that day and left for our walk back to the boat.
Monday was back to work as usual.


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