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From the left, Dick Carter, Melvin Belli, Me, John Jaymes

When the facts conflicted with the stories I was getting from John Jaymes, I decided to check them out.  John told us he was representing Chrysler motors and getting us their cars for free, so, I contacted Chrysler and after a push and a shove and some threats, they sent me their deal with him..seems he was doing Body Painting events that segued into the Rolling Stones.. (this was after the tour when I had the time)  *George Booth has no relationship to Stanley Booth : 🙂


One thought on “Sussing out the Con Man-John Ellsworth Jaymes”
  1. I always thought it was amazing how Jon Jaymes was able to con his way in and insert himself so thoroughly in the 69 tour. I still can’t figure out what his intentions were or if he helped more than he hurt the tour operations in the end?

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